Flood Restoration & House Cleanup

A flooded house can have extensive and long-lasting damage. Quick action can mean saving a property from permanent damage, sewage backflow or mould. With the right equipment and the team behind it, you can be assured that the property will be restored to a healthy and safe standard again.

Clean Rite are your flood restoration and house cleanup experts. In the event of a flood in your house, we have the ability to respond 24 hours a day with the right equipment and fully trained staff to clean and extract the water from your floorings and furnishings.

Flooding can be devastating, whether it is household flooding or commercial flooding. Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning offer an extensive water damage restoration service. Whether your household or commercial property has been flooded with clean water, grey water or black water – we can help. Flooding requires fast action to:

  • Extract the flood water, to prevent it from becoming grey water.
  • Dry all affected surfaces, to prevent permanent water damage.

Flood Restoration & House Cleanup
Flood Restoration & House Cleanup

Flood restoration process

Our Process

  • Our first step is to assess the situation, determine if there is any type of contamination. What type of flooding is it?
  • Clean water – this is where the water is from a source that is harmless to people. This flood water could be from a burst clean water pipe, an overflowing bathtub, or overflowing tap. After 48 hours, this clean water category can change to grey water, hence why you should act fast, call now.
  • Grey water – this is where the water is contaminated with bacteria, mould and/or chemicals and as a result has health risks. This flood water could be from washing machines, dishwashers etc. This type of flooding will require more serious flood restoration measures.
  • Black water – This flood water is riddled with bacteria that can cause diseases or harmful toxins, meaning it is extremely dangerous. This flood water could include sewer water, broken toilets, or external flood waters. This requires the most serious flood restoration measures.
  • The next step is water removal. We use high-grade extraction pumps, to make sure all the water is removed from the premises. Performing extraction as quickly as possible is essential in the restoration process, call now.
  • Once all water has been extracted we then implement the drying process. We use state of the art machines to dry all affected areas, from flooring to walls and ceilings. Once this is complete, and our technicians are happy that all affected areas are sufficiently dry, then we can offer our other complimentary services.
  • If it is black water you have to remove the carpet/underlay
  • Clearing the air with the aforementioned machinery

Firstly, you must contact your insurance company to notify them of the damage. The next step is to contact Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning so we can arrange repairs and flood remediation, whether your property is in the Waikato or Canterbury, we have got you covered.

How do you clean up after a flood? Leave it to the professionals. As in cases such as black water or grey water, the water can be toxic.

    When the worst happens call Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning:

    • Insurance Cover
      Clean Rite works with all the major insurance companies. We also clean and restore all types of carpet to the highest standards to ensure your home is as good as before the flooding.
    • 24/7 Service
      Regardless of the time or day, Clean Rite are here to help you recover from the water damage.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
      Knowing you are dealing with a company that guarantees its service will give you peace of mind

    Reasons to Choose Clean Rite for your flood restoration needs:

    • Detailed professional cleaning and supervised staff
    • Our staff go through an extensive training program specifically tailored to construction cleaning
    • All staff are fully uniformed with PPE
    • Public liability insurance and ACC accredited
    • We can work to the budget of your project
    • We are on call 24/7