Healthcare/Medical Centre

Having your medical center or dentist office clean and hygienic is an important part of your business. Clean Rite offers a tailor-made medical center and dentist office cleaning schedule to keep your facility as clean as possible. Clean Rite only uses cleaning products that are antibacterial which gives you peace of mind knowing the germs and bugs your patients bring in with them are not staying in your practice.

Cleaning doctors’ surgeries, medical centres, and healthcare practitioners require stringent hygiene procedures, as well as the ability to maintain strong customer communications.

Healthcare/Medical Centre

Clean Rite’s years of experience in the field means we understand the particularities of providing effective cleaning for the healthcare sector

Clean Rite only uses best practice when cleaning any medical facility, Some of the steps we take are.

  • Spread of Bacteria: Clean Rite only uses EPA approved Anti-Viral Sanitiser and products that kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi which reduces or totally stops the spread of colds, flu, and other viruses between staff members and patients.
  • Professional Presentation: All Clean Rite personnel wear clean uniforms with ID badges, and use clearly branded vehicles. All equipment is modern and the latest technology in the cleaning industry is used, it is also audited twice yearly by the franchisor.
  • Cross-Contamination: Clean Rite’s commercial cleaning processes use color-coded microfibre cloths and mops to minimize the threat of cross-contamination between work areas.
  • Security and Patient Confidentiality: Clean Rite’s personnel are Police Vetted, undergo the Ministry of Justice Criminal Background Checks, and trained in relevant privacy laws.
  • Maintaining Spotless Vinyl Floors: Regular weekly buffing without fail is part of the cleaning regime, as well as strip and sealing as needed.
  • Attention to Detail: Our personnel are trained to look beyond the obvious surface areas and give attention to what’s often overlooked, such as finger marks, high dusting, and ceiling fans.
  • Open Lines of Communication: A Customer Communications Book is left on-site to facilitate day-to-day communications. All personnel speak and read English and are trained to respond promptly to customer requests and instructions. We foster long-term relationships with our customers and our personnel. With Clean Rite as your healthcare cleaning provider, you will feel confident that your cleaning team can be relied upon to perform well within the relentless pace of your industry.

When you become a Clean Rite client you are introduced to your area manager, The area manager will come and do an onsite audit of the cleaning work done at your facility every 4 weeks to ensure you are happy with the cleaning being carried out as well as all requirements are being met by our amazing franchise partners who carry out the cleaning work.


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