Odour Removal

Feces/ Urine Odour Removal

Babies or pets, carpet cleaners can remove stains caused by feces and urine from your valuable carpet. We can also treat and sanitize these areas.

We love our pets. They are great companions and it’s nice when all the family plays with them. Dogs, in particular, are special animals. Somebody says a dog is a man’s best friend. Is that true? Who knows. Sometimes though our dear pets can forget where the toilet is and our carpets or other pieces of furniture need to be cleaned professionally.

Clean Rite offers a professional pet urine and odour removal service. In New Zealand many homeowners have pets and know that, even if they love them very much, they cannot allow them to ruin the hygiene of the house.

Urine from dogs is harmful if it has contracted leptospirosis, a bacterial infection. Here the main consequences:

  • Humans can develop respiratory symptoms
  • The bacteria are passed on easily
  • Kidneys, liver and the brain can be infected
  • In some rare cases, leptospirosis is life-threatening

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Odour Removal