Stain Removal

Clean Rite are the experts at eliminating tough to remove stains

As we know things go wrong from time to time. So when your child drops their food onto the carpet or your husband walks dirt and grease in to the house from his work boots, your carpet is going to get a stain or two on them sooner or later.

When this happens give Clean Rite a call and we can get one of our friendly carpet stain removal techs out to remove the stain for you.

A few things to remember when it comes to stain removal...

  • The quicker you call us the better the chance we have of removing 100% of the stain.
  • Don’t rub the stain with a towel to try and remove it.
  • Keep the stain damp with a tiny amount of water until Clean Rite can come and remove it.
Stain Removal
Stain Removal

Tea and Coffee Stains

Removing coffee and beverage stains from carpet can be a fairly difficult task. Even if you are successful at removing the stain, it can reappear through a process called “wicking”. With any carpet stains, wicking is a phenomenon can cause the stain to reappear after the stain has been “removed”. This is because the stain remains in the backing of the carpet and moisture allows the stain to travel upwards to the top of the carpet fiber. 

Tannins are a natural acidic vegetable dyes that are found in plants. Coffee, wine, cola, tea, and other beverages can contain tannin. If, for example, a hot coffee were to spill on carpet, the heat from the beverage can open up carpet fibers, and allow tannins and other chemicals to penetrate deep through the fabric. This can make the stain very hard to remove if a day or two has passed.

Contact us TODAY if you have a hard to remove stain 0800 101 216


Grease spots can be difficult to remove. It is advisable not to try removing at home. Our carpet cleaners have the proper equipment to remove grease without causing single damage to your beautiful carpet.

Dye - Ink - Nail Polish - Colours - Other Stubborn Stains

A carpet covered resident, office or studio has every possibility of having colorful stains all over. These are the stains you cannot wipe off by yourself. We are experts in removing these stubborn stains.

Muds - Soils

Dried up, hard to remove muds and soils, especially on your luxurious carpets, can change the entire outlook of the floor beauty. Carpet Cleaners have advanced materials to take care of your carpet and make it mud/ soil-free.

Stain Removal